Hello, friend!

My name is Jack Milburn.

I am pursuing a career in all and any kinds of Film & Media. I hold a Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing, click here to view this certificate, and a Diploma in Professional Digital Photography. I have a portfolio available to view should you be interested!. Please see my LinkedIn Profile for all skills, qualifications and courses taken.

To date, I have lived in three different countries – England, Spain & Dubai (UAE). The experiences I have had in these countries have been extraordinary, to say the least. Going from a quintessential quiet & small English village of Evenley in Oxfordshire; experiencing the regular game of cricket on the village green to seeing everyone in the usual down the road pub. To the very rural and (way) off the beaten track existence in Mula, Murcia, Spain; wherein the first few days of being there we encountered a very large dead snake, traditional Sunday lunch of Paella con Caracoles y Conejo (you probably don’t want to know) and enjoying the very best of Spanish sunshine. To the amazing modern testament to what the human race can achieve with money and a blank canvass in Dubai U.A.E; which has everything from air-conditioned bus stops and the biggest indoor aquarium inside the biggest shopping centre on Earth to a residential tower virtually a kilometre high.

My biggest passion is watching old and new movies and deciding which movie I love most is like trying to answer What is the meaning of life? Because there is just so many to choose from: Sing Street, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Super 8, Star Wars Saga, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Ghostbusters, Breakfast Club, Apollo 13, O Brother Where Art Thou? and all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. It is one of the best kind of escapism and enjoyment you can experience. I love dissecting a story in a movie and understanding what makes it so enthralling and learning all the stories behind the production of the film.

Another big hobby of mine is following Formula 1 and learning all I can about the new ways of making a car go one-tenth quicker than the next one. I love playing the F1 video game as it’s the closest I can get to actually racing in a variety of different, cool racing machinery. My idol is none other than Ayrton Senna; I admire how he lived his life, how about he went racing. He was heart and soul, nothing less and nothing more.


If you would like to contact me about anything at all please do not hesitate to, thanks!