My Guardians of the Galaxy Review.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Directed by James Gunn, Distributed by Walt Disney Studios.

Guardians of the Galaxy is Marvels hit or miss movie, it has a rag-tag group
of characters such as a talking tree, a talking Racoon, a green alien hitman-type, another alien and a human from Earth. But however ridiculous that may seem this movie is definitely a hit, a massive hit! $773.3 worth of a hit! Guardians are yet another movie which showcases Marvels ability to make movies fun and entertaining even when it has crazy plot points & characters, and we will probably see this ability again in Marvels Doctor Strange coming to cinemas in November 2016. James Gunn handles the origins so well, he gives each character so much heart and warmth that you find yourself falling in love with the characters instantly and that love just grows and grows through the second act and then the third act. The idea of making a talking tree and racoon a relatable and loveable bunch of characters was laughed at when people heard what James Gunn was directing & writing but dumbfounded when they came out of the movie liking those characters the most.


It is a movie that shows a real-world observation of what the crazy road of life is about, making the best of what you have available to you if it doesn’t work at first you find a way to make it work. Which is exactly what Peter, Gamora, Groot, Drax, Rocket do in this movie they all have different styles, methods, emotions and mentality and yet they all find a way to defeat the common enemy and become friends along the way, but I do have to add it did help that one of them had A* dancing skills. Guardians showcases the rising talents of Chris Pratt, Zoey Saldana & Dave Bautista, with Chris Pratt (Peter Quil) being able to be himself by Director James Gunn was a genius move because Christ Pratt really does knock it out of the park with his performance of a comedic and troubled character, Zoey Saldana (Gamora) brings in another solid action role but keeps it 3 dimensional and her performance really added to every scene she was in. Dave Bautista puts in an out-of-the-blue performance for his character of Drax who is a vengeful, very literal alien, and his performance gives the viewer another comedy angle which you weren’t expecting.

Not only was this movie fun and entertaining on its own, it had one of the best soundtrack list accompanying it, which is still stuck in my head. Set designs are also another big strong point in Guardians, some of my highlights are the Kyln Prison which was fully hand-built set and then melted back down to sell back to the supplier, it made everything feel so much more real and therefore adds to the story, Peter Quills personal ship; The Milano, the dead Gods head; Knowhere and finally the Collectors Museum with all the Easter eggs planted around the set.

giphy (1).gif


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