My Review of Black Hawk Down.

Black Hawk Down – Directed by Ridley Scott, Distributed by Columbia Pictures.

Black Hawk Down is a very bloody, very real, graphic retelling of the 1993 raid in Mogadishu by the U.S Military. The raid was aimed at capturing faction leader Mohammed Farrah Aidid and the battle of Mogadishu ensued. As I have never been in a war zone and hope never to be, my perception of one is what I have only seen and read about in news reports and footage from archives. I believe that this film has accurately depicted, from my perception, what a war zone is like.

This film really brings to light what happens when everything which could go wrong in a war zone, does go wrong. It completely captures what a battlefield is, a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and camaraderie between troops. The way Ridley Scott and Ken Nolan have written this film adaptation of the book by Mark Bowden with the same name is simply amazingly graphic and scary. After you have watched it you are left emotionally drained and exhausted because of how well they have depicted what a real war zone might feel and look like, between the relative calmness at the Army HQ to the completely and utterly insane depiction of a war zone. You can only imagine what the soldiers would have been feeling during those times of being completely surrounded by the militia to running back to the safe heaven of UN-controlled areas, and even then you probably aren’t anywhere near what they might have felt.

Overall each actor gave it their all in this movie and it does come across that way because you do believe in each of their characters and the camaraderie they share on film is endearing and gives the movie more heart in the darker moments. Especially between Tom Hardy’s character of SPC Lance Twombly and Ewen Bremmer’s character of SPC Shawn Nelson because in the film these two are separated from all the other big squads which are active and are alone in the centre of Militia Controlled Territory, you couldn’t possibly imagine what these two would have been going through and to make it back to their team and make it out of their alive must have been one of the most extreme feelings humans are capable of.