My Thoughts on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice

Directed by Zack Snyder & Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Starting off I do have to agree with the general buzz of this movie, even though it is with a pinch of salt. Because I do really like this movie but I do have to try hard to like it as it does mainly have pacing issues and some things are done a certain way some of which I do not agree with, Batman killing people is one of them that is one line he should never cross no matter what day he has had. There are 4 movies within this behemoth of a film: a new older Batman introduction, a Man of Steel sequel, a Wonder Woman teaser and a Mark Zuckerberg-like Lex Luthor/Doomsday storyline.

The Wonder Woman parts are really just a teaser for what is to come for the DC Extended Universe and her character soundtrack is the best one in this movie (link to the soundtrack). However, they were very enjoyable to watch because I have been waiting to see a Wonder Woman film for ages because her story line from the comics is one the best ones and the fact that it is a very powerful female role one which can go toe-to-toe with the biggest and worst villains. That is very good to see in this day and age on the big screen as there isn’t a lot of strong female characters being shown and I am looking forward to seeing what other franchises like Star Wars are going to do with their female leads.

Wonder Woman : Dawn of Justice

Now onto issues, I have with this film. In one scene Lex Luthor said “…Day versus Night, God versus Man…” now in the comic books I would completely agree with the perception of Superman being he is the hope, the light in which everyone can believe in, to people Superman is hope and Batman is the night, he is the one that installs fear into the heart of every criminal. Superman is the light at the end of the tunnel, he is the person they believe in when there is nothing else to believe in. Whereas in this movie and really if I have to be truthful they didn’t achieve this in the Man of Steel movie either, even though I liked that one! They haven’t fully captured the image and perception of Superman from the comics, now I know most cynics would say “well it doesn’t have to be exactly to the comics” and I would agree to a point but Superman needs to be the light side, his colours are Red, Blue, and Yellow which are light colours they stand out from the rest of the monotone coloured costumes of the DC Universe. In these movies, his costume is dull and darkened, which may or may not be going to fit with the general tone of the DC Extended Universe movies but Batman is there for a reason and one of his names is Dark Knight for a reason. Batman is meant to be the one to be dark and gritty. I hope Henry Cavill gets another chance to dawn the red cape for another solo adventure because he is a brilliant actor and brilliant to play the iconic role and he deserves the chance to play Superman at his best, which is giving hope to the human race and saving them whenever they need saving. We don’t need to another answer the issue of “I have the ability to save people but should I save them, even if I can’t save everyone ever?”.

Batman Superman Wonder Woman : Dawn of Justice

Now we have gotten passed my few reservations about this movie, we get to the better sides. The image and role of Superman in this movie was to show how far he could be pushed into actually doing something that crossed that ‘line’, which is talked about a lot even though he technically did it in Man of Steel. [SPOILER] Because his mother is taken from him and Lois is put in danger as well he still doesn’t go over that ‘line’ for choosing to kill someone or not. It’s showing no matter what people do to try and make Superman do something he doesn’t want to do; he still won’t do it.

How they ended the BvS fight isn’t the best way of doing so but justified in this movie, Batman’s whole ideology is based on the fact that his parents got killed in front of him as a child and he sets out on this crusade to try and prevent this from happening again to anyone else. So to hear that Superman mother, Martha which is just one other connection the share, has been taken from him, that’s a deep connection within Batman so of course he will want to help him. Batman knows Superman could end him within seconds so the fact that he hasn’t yet meant Batman knows it’s going to take more than him to break Superman’s belief system and to learn that it’s his mother who has been taken from him Batman realises that if he were in that position of Superman’s would he have killed the other guy. I feel that justifies why Batman stopped what he was doing because his whole life is been about stopping what had happened to him happening to others.

[MAJOR SPOILER]The whole end scene fighting with Doomsday, the fact that Superman would rather die than have this creature roaming earth proves again to Batman that Superman is unbreakable because he decides to do the right thing even when it means saying goodbye to the main thing in his life Lois Lane.

I would give it a 7/10, but constantly reminding myself there is going to be a Directors Cut Blu-Ray edition which might flow better than the Theatrical Cut.