Review of Tropic Thunder

tropic thunder movie poster

Tropic Thunder – Directed by Ben Stiller, Distributed by DreamWorks.

Tropic Thunder is one of those movies which are just so enjoyable to watch because of the connection the star-studded cast has. You can really tell that they all get along with each other and play off of each other a lot in the few improvised scenes in the movie. It is another Ben Stiller classic comedy hit and with the people that worked on the script and the actors who play the insanely funny characters, they are all in-sync with each other and it shows.

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One of the standout performances of the movie is Robert Downey Jr. playing as Kirk Lazarus; the over-the-top, gone-too-deep type of actor playing a role within another role. His performance is a testament to how good of a comedic actor he really is, he is also not too shabby at action and dramatic acting as well, but I got the sense after watching the movie and listening to the Director commentary which included Ben Stiller, RDJ & Jack Black sharing their hysterical comments, that he (Mr Downey) was just letting loose, letting everything flow because he had just come from the set of Marvel’s Iron Man (2008) which is a serious commitment to do as of the subsequent movies in the pipeline. Letting lose a very funny and charismatic RDJ on a film like this is very awesome to see because he works so well with the characters of Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Steve Coogan, Jay Baruchel, Brandon T. Jackson which are just a few of the amazing cast of this movie.

Talking about letting lose, another very big Hollywood name: Tom Cruise. You can’t really ever go wrong with him, despite what goes on his private life. He is just a good action, dramatic actor and in this movie you can really tell he has quite a talent for comedic movies as well. From the very funny fully improvised dancing he does, the end credits being one of the major highlights of the movie, to the intensely funny conversations and interactions he has with the other characters and the scenes of amusing swearing and his general mannerisms, is all done perfectly and suits the tone of the movie completely.